10% Higher Than Wired Charging Efficiency! The Country’s First Electric Bicycle Wireless Charging Landing In Nanning

Recently, the country’s first electric bicycle intelligent wireless charging belt was put on trial in Zhongguancun, Nanning, Guangxi. There is no need for plug-in and charger, and the charging of electric bicycle can be completed in space.

Electric bicycle

The electric bicycle intelligent wireless charging station is mainly composed of a host and an intelligent wireless charging belt. One host can meet the charging needs of 16 electric bicycles at the same time. The owner only needs to install a receiver at the bottom of the pedal of the electric bicycle (not limited to brand, model and battery capacity) to charge at each wireless charging station. When charging, the owner only needs to park the pedal of the electric bicycle at the charging belt, and then scan the code at the host to start charging. The cost of wireless charging is basically the same as that of traditional wired charging, but the charging efficiency is 10% higher than that of wired charging.

According to reports, the electric bicycle intelligent wireless charging station adopts magnetic resonance, magnetic induction, wireless power transmission and other technologies. This year, this technology is expected to be put into large-scale promotion and application in Guangxi, and will enter the domestic and international markets.

In recent years, wireless charging technology has been widely used in mobile phones, electronic watches and other products, but few can really land in the field of electric vehicles. Today, the first wireless charging station for electric bicycles in China has been put into operation, announcing that electric bicycles are about to enter the era of wireless charging.

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Magnetic material is one of the most critical materials for wireless charging. It plays an important role in the design of wireless charging structure and function and the efficiency of charging. Amorphous nanocrystalline material is a kind of high-quality soft magnetic material, which has the characteristics of high permeability, low loss and high magnetic induction . It is the most ideal soft magnetic material for wireless charging receiver.

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