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Aluminum Heatsink


Aluminum heat sinks widely used in modern heat dissipation. Most of the industry uses 6063 T5 high-quality aluminium materials, whose purity can reach more than 98%. Because of their strong heat conductivity, low density and low price, they are favored by major manufacturers.The life of electrical appliances depends on their organization. The heat dissipation system is a part that can not be ignored. The temperature of electrical appliances can directly determine the life of electrical appliances. Every electrical appliances will emit heat in the process of use. If the one-time use is long, the temperature will rise. If the heat dissipation is not timely, it is easy to burn the electrical appliances.At this time, a good heat dissipation system is needed to help reduce the temperature of the electrical appliances which have been used for a long time, so that the temperature can be controlled in a safe range. This can protect the electrical appliances more effectively, so that the electrical appliances can work better without being burned by temperature rise. At the same time, it also brings security to family life.


  • Aluminum offers a stylish, modern and aesthetic design.

  • Durable low maintenance, easy-clean aluminum profiles.

  • Good look pleasing appearance.

  • Long lasting and efficient.

  • More safe.

  • Compared with conventional fabrication methods,can be easily be fabricated – cutting, drilling, pinching, machining, bending.


  • Mechanical motors

  • UPS

  • IGBT

  • Photovoltaic inverters

  • Wind turbine converters

  • Thermal components of household appliances

  • Thermal components of Electronic products

Performance Curves

Matters needing attention for Design of Heatsinks

  • The larger the surface area, the better the heat dissipation effect.

  • If the heat sink is placed in favor of air circulation, it can improve the heat dissipation effect.

  • Copper and aluminium have high thermal conductivity and are the first choice for heat dissipation materials.

  • Increasing the thickness of the heatsink is more effective than increasing the length.

  • Surface anodic oxidation treatment can resist corrosion, improve radiation capacity and stabilize heat dissipation effect.

  • More economical and practical of processing.



Heatsink with other specifications can be provided concerning to customer’s demand.

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