Application In Leakage Protection Switch

Leakage protector is used for effective protection of direct and indirect contact in low-voltage power grid, and also can be used as phase-deficiency protection of three-phase motor. It has single-phase and three-phase.

Because it uses leakage current or the resulting neutral point to ground voltage change as the action signal, so it is not necessary to use the current value to set the action value, so it has high sensitivity and can effectively cut off the power supply after the action to ensure personal safety.

Structure of Leakage Protection Switch

Nanocrystalline Zero Sequence Current Transformer Core widely used in Leakage Protection Switch.

Solution Advantage

◇ High sensitivity

◇ Near zero load offset and phase shift

◇ Excellent balance

◇ Very good temperature  stability

◇ The output characteristics are small after a large DC shock

◇ A variety of structural forms and output characteristics are available