Application in Security Tag

Amorphous alloy ribbons can be clamped in books or commodities, or can be made into commodity labels. If it is brought out without payment, the detection device at the exit will send out a signal to alarm.

There are three kinds of alarm principle of anti-theft system at present. One is harmonic type,the even harmonic of alternating magnetic field makes the tag material magnetized to saturation, thus the received waveform is distorted and the instrument alarms. The second is asymmetric loop type, the tag with special material has asymmetric hysteresis loop, because asymmetric magnetization makes the received signal positive and negative half-cycle asymmetric, which leads to instrument alarm. The third is mechanical resonance,the label material produces resonance under the action of a special magnetic field, sends out mechanical waves, and the receiving device alarms after receiving signals.

There are hundreds of millions of amorphous ribbons used for anti-theft labels every year in the world. At present, most of the anti-theft systems used in China are imported goods, but some of the anti-theft labels are made in China of amorphous alloy strips.

The anti-theft label is suitable for the signal sensor of the anti-theft system of Library and audio-visual products. It has high sensitivity and strong concealment, and can produce high harmonics in a certain AC and DC superimposed magnetic field. It can be effectively used as a signal source for anti-theft alarm.

Solution  Advantage

Amorphous magnetic strips (labels) are the most concealed labels in the world. Cut into different lengths for different books, commodities, play a burglar-proof role.At present, it is the cheapest label in the world, which can reduce the operating cost of users to the lowest level. Complete specifications to meet different needs.

It guarantees the anti-theft function of the electromagnetic wave of the label; at the same time, the substrate is made directly from the quenched spraying  strips, and the label is less affected by external forces; the shape of the label is narrow and the width is small, which is conducive to ensuring the confidentiality.