Application In Smart Meters

Smart meter is the smart terminal of smart grid. It is no longer the traditional energy meter. In addition to the basic energy consumption measurement function of traditional energy meter, smart meter has two-way multi-rate measurement function, user control function, two-way data communication function of multiple data transmission modes and anti-stealing power in order to adapt to the use of smart grid and new energy. Intelligent functions such as energy, smart meters represent the development direction of intelligent terminals for end users of energy-saving smart grid in the future.

Structure of Smart Meter

Nanocrystalline Precision Current Transformer Core widely used in smart meters.

Solution Advantage

1.Nanocrystalline Precision Current Transformer Core with High permeability (- reducing angular and ratio differences)

2.Compared with permalloy, it has higher saturated flux density (- enlarging current measurement range).

3.lower loss (- reducing amplitude)

4.excellent temperature stability.