Application In Telecommunication Power Supply

Communication power supply system is the heart of communication system. The stable and reliable power supply system is the key to ensure the safe and reliable operation of communication system. Once the power supply of communication equipment is interrupted due to the failure of communication power supply system, the communication equipment will not be able to operate, which will cause the interruption of communication circuit and the paralysis of communication system, thus causing great economic and social losses. Therefore, the communication power supply system occupies a very important position in the communication system.

Nanocrystalline cores are applied in Rack module. Make the system more reliable and safe.

Alternative Solution

The ferrite core is replaced by nanocrystalline core.

Solution Advantage

* Smaller size – saving space

* Lower loss – higher efficiency

* Less turns – less distributed capacitance

* Better impedance characteristics – higher insertion loss

* The filtering effect is more obvious.

* Less overheat – stable working for long time

* Environmental protection and energy saving