Application In Welding Machine

With the maturity of high frequency inverters, the advantages of small size, light weight and high efficiency of inverters are becoming more and more obvious. As the main transformer of the heart of the inverter power supply, the traditional iron core material silicon steel can not meet the requirement of use because the working frequency is increased to more than 20KHz. Although the high frequency loss of ferrite is low, the volume and weight of the core are still large because of its low saturation magnetic induction value (Bs). In addition, the Curie temperature of ferrite is low and its thermal stability is poor.

Alternative Solution

Change Ferrite to Nanocrystalline core

Solution Advantage

Iron-based nanocrystalline materials have excellent comprehensive magnetic properties, which combine the advantages of silicon steel, permalloy and ferrite, For example, high magnetic induction, high permeability, low loss and excellent temperature stability, and quickly become the best choice for the core of main transformer of inverter power supply.

Welding Machine Structure

Solution Effect

  1. Small size, light weight, material saving, easy to carry and move.
  1. High efficiency and energy saving, the efficiency can reach 80%~90%, saving more than 1/3 of the power than the traditional welding machine.
  1. It has good dynamic characteristics, easy arc initiation, stable arc, beautiful weld shape and small spatter.
  1. More smart,suitable for the combination with robots to form an automatic welding production system.