Application Of Amorphous Transformer In Oilfield Power Distribution

Amorphous distribution transformer is made of amorphous material instead of silicon steel sheet. Its outstanding characteristics are low no-load loss and small no-load current. Compared with the same type series transformers, no-load loss is reduced by 70% ~ 80%, no-load current is reduced by 40% ~ 60%, and load loss is reduced by 20% ~ 30%. Therefore, it has great energy saving effect.

The power distribution system of oilfield is an important part of oilfield development, which is an important guarantee for the smooth implementation of production capacity and the realization of oilfield development and production. Based on the wide distribution of oil wells in the oilfield, the distance between oil wells is mostly far, and the distance can reach tens of kilometers or even hundreds of kilometers. In order to reduce the power loss, one oil well or several oil wells close to each other often share a special distribution transformer. According to the load start-up requirements of oil field pumping wells, it is of great significance to adopt appropriate transformer type for improving the operation efficiency of transformer and reducing power consumption. In the evaluation of transformer energy saving, the annual return on investment, that is, the short-term return on investment efficiency, is a very important economic index. According to the parameter data of various types of transformers, it is concluded that the investment recovery period of amorphous alloy transformer is the shortest when the load rate is low.

In China,It is reported that after the implementation of the project of replacing backward transformers in Tahe oilfield, the electricity cost will be reduced by 0.48 yuan / kW. H, 274600 yuan / year will be saved; the total capacity of transformer will be reduced by 4225kva, and the transformer capacity fee will be saved by 1014000 yuan / year; and the economic benefit will be 1288600 yuan / year.

In recent years, with the continuous expansion of oil field exploration and development area, the power load of production is increasing. The old transformer with long service life and high energy consumption level can not meet the needs of energy saving and power saving in the oilfield. Due to the operation for many years, some transformers have operation faults frequently, which brings great security risks to the operation of oilfield power grid.

Amorphous transformer has obvious energy-saving effect and economic benefit, and its application in distribution network will obviously reduce the loss. With the improvement of technology, amorphous transformer will be a product worthy of more attention in the future market.