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Company Culture

Sum pay more attention to enterprise cultural construction. SUM has a set of refined and effective management system, which integrates landing execution with long-term goals, runs through all aspects of the enterprise and forms a good closed-loop. This system includes human resource management system,talent development system, customer management system, performance management system, promotion management system, incentive and reward system, salary system, service management system, turnover management system, etc.

And the most important system is talent development system, build up the scientific mechanism for qualified persons ‘recruitment and assessment. Cultivate the talents,Regular training for employees, internal training and external training.Including the newcomer training system, professional training system, management training system, online learning system and we encourage lifelong learning and development.

SUM’s philosophy of cultivating Talents

Talents are the most important resource of the enterprise, respecting talents, caring talents, cultivating talents and retaining talents, and since its founding, SUM has been adhering to the talent concept of “SUM provide fair and equitable opportunities and platforms for employees,Self-motivation is very important, with the awareness of lifelong learning,Make every effort to do everything to the utmost, grow and progress every day. ”

Corporate Culture System of SUM

SUM’s Corporate Vision

 To be a conscientious enterprise for a hundred years.

SUM’s Corporate Mission


SUM’s Corporate Values