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Nanocrystalline Current Transformer Cores


Current transformer is refers to the device with the function of collecting signal in the circuit, is the big electric current into a small current transformer, using the electromagnetic induction principle to change current components of the value, the alternating current (ac) into converter available for applications or measuring instrument, relay equipment.


  •  High initial permeability: Larger insert loss, better inhibiting effect on conducted interference than ferrite.

  • High saturation induction: about 2-3 times higher than ferrite, hardly magnetized to saturate in the cases of current strong interference.

  •  Excellent temperature stability: higher Curie temperature, the changes in alloy performance obviously lower than ferrite under the circumstance of larger temperature fluctuations, showing excellent temperature stability

  • Flexible frequency characteristic: More flexible to obtain the required frequency characteristic through adjustment process.

Physical Properties 

Saturation Magnetization(Bs)1.25TSaturation Magnetostrictive Coefficient(λs)<2×10-6
Curie Temperature(Tc)560℃Density(d)7.3g/cm3
Crystallization Temperature(Tx)510℃Resistivity(ρ)130μΩ-cm
Hardness(Hv)800Continuous Operating Temperature Range-55~130℃

Magnetic Properties

Annealing MethodNon-magnetic Annealing
Initial Permeability>150,000
Maximum Permeability>600,000
Residual Magnetic Flux Density0.6T
Iron Loss P(20kHz,0.5T)<25W/kg
Iron Loss P(100kHz,0.3T)<150W/kg
Iron Loss Change Rate (-55℃~125℃)<15%
"Amorphous Inductor"


  • Switching power supply

  • Dry type current transformer

  • Pouring type current transformer

  •  Oil-immersed type current transformer

  • Gas insulated current transformer

  • Measuring level current transformer

  • Precision measuring instrument

  • Watt-hour meter level transformer and protection current transformer

Performance Curves

Core Dimension

OD-Outside Diameter ;  ID-Inside Diameter ; HT- Height


Cores with other specifications can be provided concerning to customer demand.

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