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Development Plan

Short-term development plans
Mid-term development plans
Long-term development plans

SUM has a clear development direction and objectives, unswervingly insisting in the long-term sustainable development strategy, formulates short-term development plans, mid-term development plans and long-term development plans, and constantly implements development plans in accordance with specific realities. People of SUM have lofty aspirations. In order to achieve this mission, we will keep moving forward and fight for it, let’s work together to become stronger and Make SUM to be a Century Enterprise。

This is the general idea,The following plans will be updated and adjusted according to the company actual situation.

Short-term Development Plans

5 Years Plans

5 years plans

Infrastructure construction, marketing construction, brand awareness, corporate culture melting, expanding influence, increasing popularity, and increasing market share. Form the company’s main economic growth highlights. Survive in the fiercely competitive market.

10 Years Plans

10 years plans

Strategic formation, industrial upgrading, strength enhancement, brand value and influence enhancement. In order to improve the anti-risk ability of enterprises, effectively defuse market risks, make them stronger and bigger, form brand advantages, and extend to other industries upstream and downstream. Highlight the main business, multi-industry simultaneously, to diversify the development.

15 Years Plans

15 years plans

Enlarge SUM’s radiation and influence, industrial agglomeration and innovation. Restructuring assets and adjusting industrial distribution. More attention should be paid to the development of corporate culture. While the enterprise develops steadily, SUM should assume social responsibility, practice responsibility, give back to the society and devote itself to charity and public welfare.

Mid-term Development Plans

20 Years Plans

20 years plans

Build SUM into an international leader in magnetic materials and devices ,and a benchmarking enterprise for energy conservation and environmental protection in China. Pay more attention to R&D investment and technological innovation and establish standardized process system. Enterprise management system, R&D system and other aspects to unified planning, and timely adjustment of the strategic layout.

30 Years Plans

30 years plans

Unwavering adherence to the traditional manufacturing industry, has been following the beliefs and culture of the enterprise, continue to build a hundred-year plan for inheritance, to cultivate successors with vision, abilities and responsibility. Give full play to the operational advantages of integrating resources, cooperate and coordinate existing and potential resources, so as to achieve the overall optimum business of the group. With the deepening of internationalization, the construction of system and mechanism has been completed in an all-round way, and a sustainable development platform has been formed. Make it Longer, stronger, bigger.

50 Years Plans

50 years plans

Firmly adhere to the business philosophy: do not be blinded by short-term interests, adhere to the concept of long-term development. SUM should grasp the major policies promulgated by the Party and the Government and grasp the general situation of the world and the economic trend. Support and comply with domestic and foreign economic policies and trends. Form a healthy long-term sustainable ecosystem chain system.Technology and market share are the world’s leading position.

Long-term Development Plans

70 Years Plans

70 years plans

Beyond their own life and death and intergenerational limitations, SUM should earnestly implement the management concept of sustainable operation and long-term interests supremacy. Flexible response to market changes, the environment of the times, relying on the international market and global development orientation, based on the long-term, grasp the present, formulate the 100-year planning strategy of SUM. Become a technological pioneer in the field and a global market leader.

100 Years Plans

100 years plans

Faithful to the country and the nation, patriotic spirit of safeguarding the interests of the country and the nation, establishing national brand, creating a hundred-year commercial legend, achievements of a hundred-year national history of national enterprises, top quality created a top brand.

130 Years Plans

130 years plans

Master cutting-edge technology, high-quality materials, extraordinary design, SUM improve product quality to the highest level. Enjoy a high prestige in the world. To be pioneers and innovators.SUM conforms to the development of the historical era, developing new products and timely adapting to the development of the current economic characteristics, and has been at the forefront of the trend of the times. Foresight and insight, SUM proceed with caution for a century.

Thanks to all the partners and customers ,the future of SUM to be continued.