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2707, 2020

The Development Of New Energy Vehicles Brings Challenges And Opportunities to Amorphous Magnetic Materials and Devices

By |Industry News|

With the development of automobile industry towards new energy and intelligence, compared with the traditional mechanical driving mode, electric drive has become the main driving mode of new energy vehicles. Therefore, the challenge of the development of new energy [...]

2307, 2020

Development Prospect Of Amorphous Alloy Materials In Photovoltaic Industry

By |Industry News|

Not long ago, the International Renewable Energy Agency (Irena) released a report saying that "in the past decade, the installation cost of photovoltaic power of public utilities has decreased by 79%, and the cost of global photovoltaic power generation [...]

1307, 2020

Application Of Amorphous Transformer In Oilfield Power Distribution

By |Industry News|

Amorphous distribution transformer is made of amorphous material instead of silicon steel sheet. Its outstanding characteristics are low no-load loss and small no-load current. Compared with the same type series transformers, no-load loss is reduced by 70% ~ 80%, [...]

807, 2020

3D Print Out The Largest Zirconium Based Amorphous Gear

By |Industry News|

Not long ago, German Heraeus group used additive manufacturing technology to produce the world's largest amorphous metal parts, which were exhibited at the automatic 2019 in Chicago. It is reported that Heraeus used patented metal powder to print gears [...]

2206, 2020

Amorphous Three-dimensional Coil Core Transformer

By |Industry News|

The three-dimensional core is totally different from the laminated core in structure and manufacturing technology, and it is also quite different from the plane core: (the same cross-sectional area of the core column; the same window height dimension; the [...]