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Cores for Spike Blockers


Cores for Spike Blockers enable reducing core volume and keeping excellent magnetic performance. It is convenience for engineer to design various dimensions of nanocrystalline cores. This kind of cores also reduce copper wires due to core volume reduced, reduce cost as well.


  • Small size.Reducing volume of component,reducing copper wires,reducing total cost.

  • Size can be custom made.Help customers quick design and mold cost free.

  • High insulation strength – Withstand voltage meets 1000V requirement.

  • High permeability – 3 Times higher inductance value than ferrite core.

Physical Properties 

Saturation Magnetization(Bs)1.25TSaturation Magnetostrictive Coefficient(λs)<2×10-6
Curie Temperature(Tc)560℃Density(d)7.3g/cm3
Crystallization Temperature(Tx)510℃Resistivity(ρ)130μΩ-cm
Hardness(Hv)800Continuous Operating Temperature Range-55~130℃

Magnetic Properties

Annealing MethodNon-magnetic Annealing
Initial Permeability>150,000
Maximum Permeability>600,000
Residual Magnetic Flux Density0.6T
Iron Loss P(20kHz,0.5T)<25W/kg
Iron Loss P(100kHz,0.3T)<150W/kg
Iron Loss Change Rate (-55℃~125℃)<15%


  • Nanocrystalline bead core for noise suppressor for semiconductor components (e.g. Mosfet)

  • IGBT Driver transformer

  • Current transformer

  • High Frequency Power transformer

  • ISDN Network transformer

  • EMI/EMC Filter Common mode choke

  • HD camera signal transformer

Performance Curves

Core Dimension

OD-Outside Diameter ;  ID-Inside Diameter ; HT- Height


Cores with other specifications can be provided concerning to customer demand.

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