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Nanocrystalline Ribbon


Nanocrystalline alloy were prepared by super-rapid solidification with a cooling rate of about 106 ℃/s, in which elements such as Cu and Nb were added on the basis of Fe-Si-B alloy composition. The amorphous strips were heat treated above the crystallization temperature to form nanocrystalline alloys with grain size of 10-20 nm. Compared with amorphous alloys, nanocrystalline alloys have better magnetic properties. Nanocrystalline alloy can replace Co based amorphous alloy,Permalloy and Ferrite to make the electronic devices small in size,light in weight and high efficient.

Manufacturing Methods Of Nanocrystalline Alloys

A Schematic Diagram Of The Crystallization Process Of Nanocrystalline Alloys

Diagrams Of typical Heat Treatment Process Of Nanocrystalline Alloys


  • High saturation flux density and High permeability.

  • Low coercive force.

  • Low core loss (1/3-1/5 of silicon steel).

  • Low magnetostriction.

  • Low excitation current .Good thermal stability and aging stability energy saving.

  • Excellent characteristics over wide frequency range.

  • Flexibility to control magnetic properties B-H curve shape during annealing.

Physical Properties 

Saturation Magnetization(Bs) 1.25T Saturation Magnetostrictive Coefficient(λs) <2×10-6
Curie Temperature(Tc) 560℃ Density(d) 7.3g/cm3
Crystallization Temperature(Tx) 510℃ Resistivity(ρ) 130μΩ-cm
Hardness(Hv) 800 Continuous Operating Temperature Range -55~130℃

Magnetic Properties

Annealing Method Non-magnetic Annealing
Initial Permeability >150,000
Maximum Permeability >600,000
Residual Magnetic Flux Density 0.6T
Coercivity <0.8A/m
Iron Loss P(20kHz,0.5T) <25W/kg
Iron Loss P(100kHz,0.3T) <150W/kg
Iron Loss Change Rate (-55℃~125℃) <15%


Mainly used in substituting for silicon steel, to make cores for all kinds of distribution transformers, medium frequency transformers, operating frequency ranges from 50Hz to 10kHz, working as large power switch reactor core material, the operating frequency can be up to 50KHZ.

Performance Curves

Nanocrystalline alloys can be treated by magnetic field (transverse magnetic field and longitudinal magnetic field) according to the need of products. Transverse magnetic treatment means heat treatment along the direction of strip with external magnetic field, and longitudinal magnetic treatment means heat treatment in the direction of vertical strip with external magnetic field. The magnetic properties of nanocrystalline alloys treated by magnetic field will change partially. Specific DC B-H loops are shown in the table below.



Number Part No. Width(mm) Thickness Deviation(μm) Thickness(μm)
              A         B
Strip type
1 SUMNANO2 2       ±1 16-19 20-24 Direct Sprayed ribbon/

Slitting ribbon

6 SUMNANO10 10
7 SUMNANO15 15
8 SUMNANO20 20
9 SUMNANO25 25 ±2
10 SUMNANO30 30
11 SUMNANO35 35
12 SUMNANO40 40
13 SUMNANO45 45
14 SUMNANO50 50

Other columns dimensions available according to requirements (2~50mm).

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