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Reactors and Transformers

Amorphous Reactors

Our reators range from 250VA to 2000 KVA
Have the facility of winding coils from
the range of 100 grams to 600 KG
According to customers’ requirements to design and manufacture.


Common Mode Chokes

Common mode chokes used as EMC filters to compress conducted common mode noise. Compared to traditional ferrite cores, nanocrystalline cores have a lot of advantages as high inductance, good filter effective, small size and volume,lower turns of copper wire, lower power consumption and high efficiency.


Nanocrystalline Current Transformers

Nanocrystalline Current Transformers with high sensitivity, nearly zero offset and phase shift, good balance and temperature characteristic, small change in output characteristic under DC impact, more types of output characteristic available.


Nanocrystalline Power Transformers

Nanocrystalline power transformer is made by transverse magnetic-heat treatment to reduce core loss and residual magnetic induction, so as to obtain large working magnetic induction △B. This kind of core is suitable for push-pull type (full-bridge, half-bridge) converters.