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Special Shape Amorphous Cores


For not the normal shape of Amorphous cores,we can produce with customers’ requirement.

Oval-shaped, Rectangle,Tiny shape of the cores and so on.For example,Tiny magnetic cores.

can be used under high frequency.


  • High saturation induction of 1.56 Tesla—Reducing component volume.

  • Low coercivity—Increasing component efficiency.

  • Low core loss—Reducing temperature rise in devices.

  • Variable permeability by different heat treatments—Satisfying various application requirements.

  • Excellent thermal stability—Having a highest service temperature of 130oC.

Physical Properties 

Saturation Magnetization(Bs)1.56TSaturation Magnetostrictive Coefficient(λs)<27×10-6
Curie Temperature(Tc)410℃Density(d)7.18g/cm3
Crystallization Temperature(Tx)535℃Resistivity(ρ)130μΩ-cm
Hardness(Hv)960Continuous Operating Temperature Range-55~130℃

Magnetic Properties

Transverse Field AnnealedNo Field AnnealedLongitudinal Field Annealed
Maximum Permeability μm>2×104>20×10425×104
Saturation Induction BS1.5 T1.5 T1.5 T
Remanence Br<0.5 T1.0 T1.2 T
Coercivity HC<4A/m<2.4 A/m<4A/m
Core loss (50 Hz, 1.4 T)<0.2 W/kg<0.13 W/kg<0.3 W/kg
Core loss (400 Hz, 1.2 T)<1.8 W/kg<1.25 W/kg<2 W/kg
Core loss (8 kHz, 1.0 T)<80 W/kg<60 W/kg<100 W/kg
Variation In Loss Between -55oC and 125 o<15%<15%<15%
Variation In Loss At 120 oC for 200 Hours<15%<15%<15%

Core Features

  • The tiny magnetic core made by Co-base amorphous alloy and Fe-base nanocrystal alloy has great permeability and high rectangle ratio.

  • Its volume is small so it can be popularly used in hi-frequency switch power and other electric equipment to reduce the noise and the output hi-frequency wave.

  • And it has lower loss than the circuit with resistor.

  • And also it only need a small room so it can be directly interlinked to the foot of transistor.

"Amorphous Inductor"


  • The spikes-suppressor of high frequency switch power supply.

  • EMI high frequency resistance filter

  • Other electric equipment

Performance Curves


Core Dimension

P/N                                          Externals dimension (mm)(mm)

Cores with other specifications can be provided concerning to customer’s demand.

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